Sunday, 28 September 2014

Guest Blog #4 - Our own National Treasure

Of course, I've been well aware sat here, guarding the 'tit, that the big adaptation of "The C-Word" is getting close. We're still waiting on an exact date, but filming has wrapped and it won't be long. The wonderful Sheridan Smith has talked a few times about our Lisa too, and the time is near.

I won't lie, it's something that makes me anxious as much as excited. Sheridan is going to rock, undoubtedly, but it's not going to be easy watching the whole tale again. As someone said to me recently, "Losing a friend to cancer is one thing, watching a BBC adaptation of the whole thing is another."

Still, I'd watch Sheridan Smith eating a bag of Quavers and filling in tax forms for two hours, so getting to watch her sparkle and bring our girl back for an hour suits me fine.

Anyway, Lisa's similarly lovely mate Lorna says it all far better than I do, so I shall hand over...


Unless you have been in hiding, you couldn't have failed to notice Sheridan Smith storming it in her role as Cilla Black.
I've watched both episodes and I'm so excited for the final part on Monday, what will happen? How will it end? We know what happened to the real Cilla, and Sheridan has been speaking so beautifully about what will be hitting our screens next, which we all know is the adaption of Lisa's book, "The C-Word".
As Sheridan sky rockets into national treasure status, we are waiting for our own very own Derby treasure's book to hit the small screens. There's no denying Sheridan will do a sterling job and the awareness it will raise, not only of Lisa but for breast cancer in general is going to be amazing. It's such a legacy for Lisa, and I know the social media reaction is going to be incredible. I hope book sales will rocket; you know, "The C Word" is still my guide on how to cope, especially right now when I find myself poorly. I still read sections of it when I wish I could chat to Lisa, I don't think I'm alone in confessing to that.
As a good friend of Lisa's, I feel like all I'm doing is telling people about her about "The C-Word", about Sheridan (who I have met once and was a complete delight) but there's also a big part of me that is dreading watching it. I know that sounds mad, I mean, can you be protective, maybe even possessive of a friend after they have gone? I think so, because I still desperately want to protect her memory, as all of us do, and I know those closest to Lisa have all played a part in ensuring "The C-Word" does just that.
it's a pretty big deal really watching your friend, who you miss every single day, being spoken and written about, hearing her story written about in papers by strangers; no doubt soon the PR wheel will start turning, the clips will appear on TV. I will be eating my dinner, painting my nails, and I will hear her name, and look up at my telly, and see an advert for the drama, and all I am going to want to do is scream, and ring my beautiful friend Lisa and us both get excited down the phone, arrange to drink fizz, and then the grief will hit me all over again. I want to be able to big her up without the sadness of her no longer being here. I want to sit in her garden, with her other friends, eating cupcakes and laughing and looking at each other and saying 'how the hell has this happened' and us all laugh at Lisa and cry with pride.
I remember being round Lisa's flat once and we talked about "The C-Word" being made into a film; it was way back, when it got mentioned in The Observer magazine. Lisa wanted it to be a positive story about a woman living her life through cancer, not fighting or battling, living, and surviving, and boy, I know it is going to be that. It's going to be amazing, and I know that as I sit here now feeling unsure if I should send this blog to Toby, that those who know me and know Lisa will know what I mean when I say we are excitedly dreading it, but when it hits the small screen, we will be there, cheering our brilliant Lisa on, shedding tears, for Pete, for her family, for Lisa, for ourselves, remembering in technicolor detail who we have lost, but I also know how excited we will be, how in awe of our girl we will be, how amazed by Sheridan we will be, and just how lucky we will be to say 'yeah Lisa, she was our mate'.
So, this blog, more than anything is just to somehow say Congratulations to Lisa, wherever you are. You did it. I'm so proud to call you a mate, but we would give all this fuss up in an instance for one more day in your brilliant company. Until then, we will be waiting to see your brilliant book hit the screens, knowing that even now, you continue to amaze us.
Lorna x