Saturday 30 August 2014

Bread and butter in the gutter…

Alright Mac? Well you’ll notice that things have been quiet here in blogville of late, but hey today’s your birthday and I wasn’t going to let the day sneak by without giving you a shout and saying that, once again, you’re still right here in our thoughts and, in fact, it’s all about to kick off.

First off, I ought to give your lovely chum Sarah Chong a shout – today she’s shaving off her locks on your behalf, and of course I’ll be shaking the money jar at all your many fans (that means you dear reader). She’s donating to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Cancer Research UK and Trinity Hospice, all the while reminding the world that you’re a top bird and that we all miss the fact you won’t be joining us for a pint and a Tunnocks Teacake this evening.

And you’ll be glad to know that filming on “The C-Word” has wrapped and while we’re all waiting for an air date, I suspect it won’t be too long. The bloody wonderful Sheridan Smith has been telling everyone about stepping into your Louboutins for the cameras and we’re all getting prepped for your prime time debut. There’ll be more on this blog when it hits the airwaves anyway.

Anyway, it’s been nearly eighteen months now since you stepped offstage, but I wanted to let you know that we’re all thinking of you today. As one of your besties said to me just now, “For me, it seems everytime I'm really down or unwell a little sign will come and make me think of her. A song, or I will see someone reading her book, or remember some of her wise counsel. I don't feel like she's gone, although I miss her.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. I love the fact that you’re still here being generally awesome, we don’t stop thinking about you every single day, and above all, miss you mate.

Happy birthday you old bird.