Tuesday 30 August 2016

Spinning Around

It’s a big day today for me today. After four and a bit years, and to my own disbelief, my lad, Harrison, started school this morning. Yeah that’s right, despite my previous inability to keep one of those supermarket basil plants alive for more than three days, my son stepped out of the house this morning suited and booted and ready to begin his journey through the world of assemblies, wedgies and french verb tables.

Of course, August 30 is always a big day. A quick glance at Facebook and Twitter is enough to remind me that today we’re saluting our groovy sweary birthday lady in the Louboutins.

Happy birthday Lisa. Miss you mate.

And there’s a certain poetry in both of those things happening today. One of the things I’m always glad of is that my boy got to break a (metaphorical) leg before Lisa exited stage right. They only got to meet once, but I remember her text from the day he was born, thrilled at our fab four-inspired choice of name.

The circle keeps on spinning. It’s been three and a half years since we said said goodbye to our girl, but it still feels like I’ve just received her thumbs and comment on the boy’s Facebook post. What I said in my goodbye post is still true – Lisa Lynch isn’t going anywhere. Check out the Twitter love.

And after all, today’s a happy day. It’s the day we all get together (on the interwebs at least) and remember our friend. Not the Bullshit™, not the goodbyes, but just Lisa Lynch, our chronically overachieving best mate. And we’ll know that we’ll be doing the same this time next year and for a hell of a lot of August 30’s to come.


SIDE NOTE: We discovered at school this morning that Harrison’s coat peg neighbour is called Lennon. Lisa would have loved that. Whether she would have joined me in lamenting the fact that no one calls their kid Ringo I can’t say.


Monday 9 May 2016

The redefinition of winning

It's been a while since we've posted on here, and with a lot of Lisa/The C Word related milestones recently, the time seems right, so here we go.

Can you really believe that a year has passed since the nation got a full dosage of Lisa's bloody brilliance in BBC1s The C Word? Thought not. We'd all hoped for a good response to the Drama, but never knew it would be so well received. The blog page went ape-shit, Lisa's Twitter feed went ballistic, we had emails & messages from all over the country saying how much the film had touched people's lives and helped people. Not a bad response you could say. Even months after, we'd all be getting messages out of the blue from people who had been reading the blog, or book or watched the film. Crazy, all that for my Sis. Did I ever mention she's fucking awesome? No? OK then, for the record, MY SISTER IS FUCKING AWESOME!

Let's fast forward then to last night, the 2016 BAFTA TV Awards. We found out that The C Word was nominated for two BAFTAs the same time as everyone else at the end of March. I guess we'd always hoped there may be some BAFTA recognition for the team and also for Sheridan, all of whom were simply fantastic. So to be nominated for two awards took a while to sink in, but as ever the overriding emotion was once again, pride. We were so chuffed that The C Word was nominated in the Single Drama category. So chuffed that all the hard work, the wonderful teams dedication and passion, the drive to get it made, the never give up attitude of everyone involved was recognised with a BAFTA nomination. It was such an incredible feeling. Then to see Sheridan Smith be nominated for Best Leading Actress, was equally as special. That bird threw everything at that role, literally everything. It was so important to her to get it right, and boy did she get it right. People may never be able to fully appreciate how much it meant to her and how emotional it was. We got to see it first hand in filming, and trust me that girl is special. I've become so protective of her in the same way as I was with Lisa that I really have to hold myself back from hunting down and personally castrating anybody who says a bad word against her. For the record, if there are any press type folk reading this, I wouldn't actually do that, but we all know how you like to twist the shit out of anything!!! It's not Sheridan's fault she's that talented, but luckily she has a humungous fan base that love her and know how it really is. Love is a powerful thing, much more powerful than people talking bollocks. I can highly recommend seeing Sheridan in Funny Girl too, she's bloody amazing in it. So, so talented is that one!

Last night was a surreal experience, walking down the red carpet, seeing Telly people, soaking it all up. I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed it. It was, quite literally for us, once in a lifetime type stuff. Lisa would have bloody loved it too, but I have no doubt that wherever she was, she was watching us enjoying the moment.

As for the results, what can I say, The C Word didn't win. But long before it was even nominated for a BAFTA, it was already a winner. A winner in the hearts of literally millions of people. Anything that has that kind of positive impact on so many people can only ever be a winner. It won by raising awareness about all types of Cancer, it won by getting people talking about all kinds of illness, it won by getting people to check for lumps, and in some cases even finding them early enough and being able to do something about it. This is no exaggeration, this stuff actually happened on the back of the sheer bloody brilliance of The C Word team and my amazing Sister. Therefore, even without an award, even before a nomination it was a winner, and it always will be. The BAFTA nominations were the icing on the cake, and an award for the team and/or Sheridan would have been the cherry on top. But I never really have been a fan of cherries to be honest.

All that being said, and as genuinely true as it all is, was I a little bit gutted at The C Word not winning at least one of the awards last night? Can I be honest? Yes, yes I was. I just can't lie about this one, but before you think I'm a bad loser, please allow me to explain why.

Before going last night, the result really was irrelevant to me. Obviously I wanted the team to win something, but just being nominated was a further show of recognition for the quality of the production and the impact that Lisa's words have had on so many people's lives. The being gutted bit was purely for the team involved in bringing The C Word to the screen. To use a Football analogy, I guess for me the feeling was akin to Derby County dominating QPR in the 2014 Play-Off final only to lose to a last minute Bobby bloody Zamora goal, and missing out on the prize of promotion to the Premier League. Call me biased, but I'm almost certain that there could have been no team who'd worked as hard and expended so much energy into such a moving Drama as The C Word team, and no actress who'd given her all as much as Sheridan Smith. Had The C Word and Sheridan won, I'm certain that there would have been no complaints at all. In no way is that a slight on anyone who did win though, as being nominated is proof enough that if you go on to win you'll be a worthy winner. The nomination is a huge achievement, and nothing changes for us with the ultimate result. We'll never be able to express quite how grateful we all are to everyone involved in the production of The C Word and how proud we always are of Lisa. It was a special Drama, and gave us our Sister/Wife/Daughter/Niece/Cousin/Friend back for 90 minutes. Lisa gave her all in her writing and fight against The Bullshit, and the team only matched it in getting The C Word onto the screen.

I guess the only sad thing was that Sheridan Smith, Nicole Taylor, Tim Kirkby, Susan Hogg and Simon Lewis never got the chance to go up on stage and talk about how wonderful my Sister was. For us that is what makes me a bit gutted at The C Word not winning. We'll never know what the feeling of winning a BAFTA will be like, but we could still never be as proud as we are now. The team truly deserved their moment on stage with that award but it wasn't to be. They will all come again though because they're too talented not to, and when they do, we (and I'm sure Lisa) will be rooting for them. Award or no award, the work they had already done ensured that Lisa's message got out there, helping so many people was always going to be the most important thing.

The BAFTAs was never going to be the end of Lisa's story. Thanks to this blog, her followers, her book and the wonderful screen adaptation, Lisa's legacy will continue.

To put it simply, thanks to every single person involved in The C Word, Lisa's light will never go out.

Proud Bro signing out, until next time...


Friday 11 March 2016

All things must pass

You know those Timehop things you get on your Facebook feed? Well, today of all days, I really hope I don’t get one.

Today, as you all know, is March 11. Or to put it another way, today is three years since we said goodbye to our favourite top bird, the one and only O.G. AlrightTitter herself. We miss you Lisa.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve narrated the story of how Lisa asked me personally to take on looking after the ‘Tit once she’d gone. And just like then, I’m both proud to be asked and self-conscious about how I look in her Loboutins (metaphorically, I should add. I look divine in heels). The thing is, she was very specific about what she wanted for this blog. Alright Tit was not to become a slightly morbid shrine to the great Lisa Lynch – her exact words were that “the readers deserve better”. And so, though thoroughly out of my league though I was, I took the Alright Tit hat and wore it (if you’re curious, it’s a cardboard sick bucket with some comedy boobs drawn on it). And I’m proud of what I did.

A photo posted by Lisa Lynch (@lisajlynch) on

Our bird has done us proud too, even since she signed off. “The C-Word” went ballistic, I got to meet and hug the rather yummy Sheridan Smith, and I got to personally thank her for giving us back our girl for a whole tough but joyful 90 minutes. I got to watch from behind the curtain as the hits on this blog skyrocketed and continue to do so since the TV show. Now when I talk to people about “Alright Tit”, everyone knows who I’m talking about.

But then a few months ago, I was chatting on Facebook to one of Lisa’s friends, who rather pointedly asked me “did I think this was going to go on forever?” and, while my instinctive response was to say “Yes, because she said so”, actually Lisa would be the first person to recognise that things like this have a natural lifespan, before pausing to call me a pillock.

That said, there’s life in the old blog yet. Just reading the outpouring of love on Twitter today, three years later, is overwhelming, even fresher now it’s free from the tedious grief-trolls who wanted to milk our loss (is there any lower form of life, outside of the Kardashians at least?).

A few months back, after the TV circus had quietened down a bit, I wrote to Lisa’s family to ask “what next?”, and as hard as it was for me at first, we agreed that it was time to return this blog to Lisa’s family. And so I’m handing over the tit hat as of today to Lisa’s brother, Mr Arseface himself. He’s going to kick ass with it of course. How could he not with DNA like that?

So it just remains for me to say thank you to everyone. I’m going to miss this place (even though I’m hoping I’ll still get to guest post occasionally). The last three years have been eventful to say the least, but the thing about losing someone you care about is, after the storm and the pain and the anger and the confusion, after reflecting back on yourself and questioning everything, after all that...

After all that, the storm clears, you feel the sun on your face and you just feel proud to call Lisa Lynch your friend.

And so...

Screw you guys, I’m going home.

Big love. Peace out.