Tuesday 30 August 2016

Spinning Around

It’s a big day today for me today. After four and a bit years, and to my own disbelief, my lad, Harrison, started school this morning. Yeah that’s right, despite my previous inability to keep one of those supermarket basil plants alive for more than three days, my son stepped out of the house this morning suited and booted and ready to begin his journey through the world of assemblies, wedgies and french verb tables.

Of course, August 30 is always a big day. A quick glance at Facebook and Twitter is enough to remind me that today we’re saluting our groovy sweary birthday lady in the Louboutins.

Happy birthday Lisa. Miss you mate.

And there’s a certain poetry in both of those things happening today. One of the things I’m always glad of is that my boy got to break a (metaphorical) leg before Lisa exited stage right. They only got to meet once, but I remember her text from the day he was born, thrilled at our fab four-inspired choice of name.

The circle keeps on spinning. It’s been three and a half years since we said said goodbye to our girl, but it still feels like I’ve just received her thumbs and comment on the boy’s Facebook post. What I said in my goodbye post is still true – Lisa Lynch isn’t going anywhere. Check out the Twitter love.

And after all, today’s a happy day. It’s the day we all get together (on the interwebs at least) and remember our friend. Not the Bullshit™, not the goodbyes, but just Lisa Lynch, our chronically overachieving best mate. And we’ll know that we’ll be doing the same this time next year and for a hell of a lot of August 30’s to come.


SIDE NOTE: We discovered at school this morning that Harrison’s coat peg neighbour is called Lennon. Lisa would have loved that. Whether she would have joined me in lamenting the fact that no one calls their kid Ringo I can’t say.