Tuesday 11 March 2014

Dear Lisa...

Ey up Mac.

Well of course today is March 11, and that means it's been a year today since you left us, so I thought that, seeing has how you've lumbered me here with all this blog malarkey, I'd say hello and keep you posted on what's been going on.

Before you ask, I've no idea how Derby County did last season, but for all of your homies back here, it's been quite a year. Life goes on, some of us have had tough times, there’s been plenty of drama and for all of us, things have been pretty relentless, but to tell you the honest truth mate, I think we can all safely say it’s not been the same without you.

For me at least, it took me a while to get my head around the fact you’re no longer just a witty tweet away. I lose count of the times where I’ve been dealing with some stress or other and thinking, all I really need right now is for you to just say “Jonze…” followed by something clever, and suddenly I’d get reminded of your uncanny knack of calmly dealing with truly terrifying shit and coming out of it even more awesome, then suddenly my shit would suddenly be got together too.

Your send-off was something spectacular by the way. I remember it well. The sun was out in the afternoon, and most of your friends and family were there. I got to meet quite a few of them and we talked about you quite a bit – I’d go so far as to suggest you were the centre of conversation actually.

I’ve made quite a few close friends from the people I nattered with there. Nice bunch. Didn’t get a chance to talk to you I know, but it was very clear you were there. You could tell. It was seamlessly planned, warm, funny, poignant and full of cool people who you could tell were just thrilled they’d got a chance to hang around you long enough to get an invite.

Anyway, we’ve all kept in touch since then, we’re looking after each other and we’re all remembering you every day. I’ve been taking care of this blog like you asked, despite my feet being far too small for your gigantic Louboutins (talk about tough acts to follow). We all sent you messages on your birthday and we raised the odd glass as well, but once again, it's just not the same I'm afraid.

I'm guessing you've heard all about the TV adaptation right? I mentioned it a couple of days ago here, but I guess we shouldn't be surprised - this is just the sort of amazing shit we're used to from you now (to quote your good self, "talk about milking it"). Still, it's going to be great seeing you again on the box again (yeah, I remember your GMTV thing).  That Sheridan Whatshername is going to kick ass just like you always do.

Oh, and we're all doing stuff too. Your mate Sarah Chong is shaving her head on your birthday this year to raise cash for The Royal Marsden, Trinity Hospice and Cancer Research UK (I'd offer to do the same but no one would notice). Here's a nice big link.

And even your fella is getting in on the act. Pete and five of his mates are cycling from London to Paris to raise money for Trinity Hospice between April 30 and May 2, so we're all going to shamelessly lean on your celeb-ness to try and drum up some cash for that. I shall report more and shake the charity tin a bit as well in the weeks to come, but here's a link for you in the mean time.

Anyway, I promised I'd spread the word for all of them and I'm sure your loyal blog fans will be reaching for their debit cards as soon as they read this (NOTE TO READERS: This is a subliminal hint - ed). 

In the mean time, you can rest assured your blog remains safe in my semi-competent hands. I'll make sure to bring lots of news about Pete's and Sarah's escapades and fleece your readers for cash ruthlessly, plus I'll make sure to tell them all about your grand TV debut as I learn more. So there's plenty more to come, don't you worry bird.

Anyway, I'd love to say it's been a year and we're all getting used to you being away, but we both know that's bollocks, right? Firstly, we never get used to it. We love you Mac, I love you Mac. You're so frigging fab and groovy to so many people that even when you're not about, I still get messages constantly telling me just how your ability to towel-flick The Bullshit™ repeatedly in the nadgers has got them through what seemed like the impossible.

For me, I'm just glad I got to be part of the inner circle. Now that you're going to be an international TV superstar, I can tell people, "yeah Lisa, she was a good mate of mine. Fucking appalling iTunes library..."

Miss you Mac. x

Saturday 8 March 2014

Lights, camera...

Well things have been quiet here at AT Towers, I admit. It’s coming up on a year since the old bird stepped out and left me, Tim Cook style, in charge, and it’s admittedly been a quiet six months since the last birthday posts. For me and for everyone who’s been part of the Alright Tit story, it’s been a time to reflect.

And yet this wouldn’t be Lisa’s blog without her still managing to surprise us all from time to time, and last Friday, on a dreary drive to work, I got an email from Pete with a link.

“Sheridan Smith to play cancer blogger Lisa Lynch”

Actress Sheridan Smith will play journalist Lisa Lynch, in a BBC adaptation of The C-Word, the book which chronicled her fight with cancer.

Now, truth be told, this wasn’t completely out of the blue – I knew that there was a script bubbling away somewhere and that the awesome Ms Smith was linked to it, but seeing it there all official-like on the BBC News site was a whole different matter.

We held off on announcing until the official press release came out (you can find it here) and then a week of me freezing up in front of the keyboard dragged it out until now, but here it is. Lisa, our awesome, gorgeous and thoroughly amazing Lisa, is back and will be hogging the prime time schedules one night soon.

It’s early days yet but rest assured, there’ll be more to come and I’ll be doing all I can to keep you all posted as the 90-minute drama develops. But in the mean time, a couple of thank yous.

Thank you Sheridan Smith. I thought you were lovely in “The 7.39” and it’s pretty clear that Lisa thought you were the dog’s bollocks too. You are going to do a wonderful job playing our girl.

And most of all, thank you Lisa Bloody Lynch. You just refuse to stop amazing us all don’t you?