Monday 20 April 2015

Kicking off

I seem to start every post on this blog these days with a mumbling apology about how it’s been quiet but there’s a load of stuff coming. Thing is, as I’m sure you beautiful Alright Titters have noticed, loads of stuff is coming.

On March 30, me and the effervescent @wardotron travelled down to London to watch a first screening of “The C-Word”, hanging with all Lisa’s friends and family, the producers, the cast, Paul Nicholls (nice job sir by the way), and of course my new big-time crush, the bloody ace Sheridan Smith, who, for the record, has absolutely NAILED it – it felt like we had the old bird back for two hours, swears, Louboutins, the lot.

As well as it being a wonderful, if sometimes tough night, getting to watch it all on a big screen surrounded by Lisa’s groovy entourage took away my fears. I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t going to be able to get through watching it, and if I’d been watching for the first time on the sofa at home between Netflix marathons, maybe I wouldn’t.

Still, I didn’t have to. Instead I got two hours of bittersweet joy and being immensely proud of our overachieving bird. Oh, and I got a hug from Sheridan too, which means I am now better than you.

That was all a couple of weeks ago and now things are starting to get thrilling/squeaky-bum-nerve-wracking. Last night the first trailer screened right after “Casualty”, and the new edition of “The C-Word” is about to hit the shelves (here’s an exclusive peek at the new book cover by the way).

We still don’t know the EXACT broadcast date but we can tell you it’s very soon, and also that TV scheduling is a lot more complex than I realised.

This blog gets a serious plug throughout the drama (of course), and we’re going to slap a bit of paint about for all the new visitors I suspect it will get, so stay tuned.

Oh, and for all you journo-types out there, please contact us at Or bother me at @quarkmonkey if you like.

Big love to all you ‘Tit followers, old and new.