Lisa Lynch studied journalism with the ambition of one day editing Smash Hits. But as something called the internet happened and her favourite magazine became no more, Lisa found herself writing about wallpaper instead of Westlife. 

At the age of 28, while editing her second national interiors title, Lisa discovered a lump in her breast – a lump that spawned not just grade-three cancer, but a blog, a book, a writing career and a BBC film. (Talk about milking it.)

Some three years down the line – with newly grown hair, a newly published book and a newly perky rack – Lisa dared to assume that she'd seen the worst… only for the c-word to crop up once more: this time in her bones and brain, and this time incurable.

And so, from being a blog intended to chart her evolution from 'the girl who has cancer' to merely 'the girl', it seems we're back to the former. (If, indeed, it's still acceptable to even call yourself a girl in your thirties. Which, let's be honest, it probably isn't.) But before you write this off as Just Another Moany Health Blog, stick around... 

Cancer or no cancer, curable or incurable… Lisa will still tell it the way she sees it. The universe might be in control of what's going on in her body, but she's in control of what's going on in her blog. Which is why she hopes you'll continue to join her as she writes her way through her experiences. You see, this isn't a story about some poor, unlucky lass being taken down by cancer; it's simply a story about the extraordinary life of an ordinary girl woman.