Friday 11 March 2016

All things must pass

You know those Timehop things you get on your Facebook feed? Well, today of all days, I really hope I don’t get one.

Today, as you all know, is March 11. Or to put it another way, today is three years since we said goodbye to our favourite top bird, the one and only O.G. AlrightTitter herself. We miss you Lisa.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve narrated the story of how Lisa asked me personally to take on looking after the ‘Tit once she’d gone. And just like then, I’m both proud to be asked and self-conscious about how I look in her Loboutins (metaphorically, I should add. I look divine in heels). The thing is, she was very specific about what she wanted for this blog. Alright Tit was not to become a slightly morbid shrine to the great Lisa Lynch – her exact words were that “the readers deserve better”. And so, though thoroughly out of my league though I was, I took the Alright Tit hat and wore it (if you’re curious, it’s a cardboard sick bucket with some comedy boobs drawn on it). And I’m proud of what I did.

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Our bird has done us proud too, even since she signed off. “The C-Word” went ballistic, I got to meet and hug the rather yummy Sheridan Smith, and I got to personally thank her for giving us back our girl for a whole tough but joyful 90 minutes. I got to watch from behind the curtain as the hits on this blog skyrocketed and continue to do so since the TV show. Now when I talk to people about “Alright Tit”, everyone knows who I’m talking about.

But then a few months ago, I was chatting on Facebook to one of Lisa’s friends, who rather pointedly asked me “did I think this was going to go on forever?” and, while my instinctive response was to say “Yes, because she said so”, actually Lisa would be the first person to recognise that things like this have a natural lifespan, before pausing to call me a pillock.

That said, there’s life in the old blog yet. Just reading the outpouring of love on Twitter today, three years later, is overwhelming, even fresher now it’s free from the tedious grief-trolls who wanted to milk our loss (is there any lower form of life, outside of the Kardashians at least?).

A few months back, after the TV circus had quietened down a bit, I wrote to Lisa’s family to ask “what next?”, and as hard as it was for me at first, we agreed that it was time to return this blog to Lisa’s family. And so I’m handing over the tit hat as of today to Lisa’s brother, Mr Arseface himself. He’s going to kick ass with it of course. How could he not with DNA like that?

So it just remains for me to say thank you to everyone. I’m going to miss this place (even though I’m hoping I’ll still get to guest post occasionally). The last three years have been eventful to say the least, but the thing about losing someone you care about is, after the storm and the pain and the anger and the confusion, after reflecting back on yourself and questioning everything, after all that...

After all that, the storm clears, you feel the sun on your face and you just feel proud to call Lisa Lynch your friend.

And so...

Screw you guys, I’m going home.

Big love. Peace out.