Saturday 28 June 2008

Love is...

...finding the following sent text on your husband's phone: 'I know this is a strange message to send to my mother-in-law, but I've just seen your daughter's left breast and it looks amazing.'

And I thought the morphine was good. I might have an odd-looking, wonky mound of flesh for a left tit, a strapless-top-restricting scar on my back and a catheter full of green wee (it's the dye, not the broccoli) but after reading that text, you can stick your morphine. Now I really am flying.

Ding dong, the lump is dead! So are my lymph nodes, as it goes. The big bad bitch of a tumour had crept up into my underarm, but thankfully my smiley, sent-from-heaven surgeon whipped it all out in one go. And so I reckon I can justifiably report that, in this match, I've just scored a wonder-goal of an equaliser. (Smiley surgeon with the blinding assist.)

I'd do a celebratory Klinsmann dive, but I fear it might smart a bit.

But anyway, back to the morphine - is that what's making me feel so loved-up today, or is it the sheer good-humoured brilliance of everyone around me? I've had the World's Greatest Compliment from my husband, visits and kisses from two of my best boy mates (one of whom I delighted in freaking out with tales of my soon-to-be-tattooed nipple, ha) and day-long enthusiastic encouragement from family, friends, nurses, doctors and cuddly toys (told you the drugs were working).

And speaking of which... I might not be at Glastonbury this year but let's just say that, thanks to the morphine, I'm getting the full 'experience' just watching it on TV.


Unknown said...

Just want to wish you a speedy recovery. This is an amazing read you are truly inspirational and have my total admiration and respect.
Lots of luck for the forthcoming weeks
Am an avid reader.xx

Freudus said...

I second that emotion. Glad it went so well and your spirits are so high. x

Eoin said...

Wotcha Lisa,
top read this blog. I've laughed out loud loads, I just wish it weren't a true story. By the way, with your obsession with breasts there's a great career in Lads mags waiting for you. I'll have a word. All my love Eoin xxx

P.S. Sory for any gramatical erors (I now waht your like)