Thursday 13 August 2009

A gift.

As you'll have seen in the below post, the wonderful Happy Sweet Shop ( have donated some stuff for the goody bags for my Super Sweet 30th birthday party. (Y'know, the one that's in aid of Breast Cancer Care. The one with the cupcakes decorated with nipple-shaped icing. The one I've been banging on about since, ooh, 1983.)

Well that's not all. Because, especially for you lovely folk, they've created an exclusive 10% off code. Just enter TWIT0809 at the checkout (valid on UK orders only until 11/09/09).

And there's more. Because if you add my name (real name or Twitter name, apparently) into the comments section when placing your order, they'll also donate 5% of the order to my charity fundraising effort. Come on, now – they're practically guilt-free calories.

Don't say I never give you nuffink.


Anonymous said...

How lovely. I love sweets. Happy Birthday Lisa your party sounds very exciting!

Unknown said...

What a great idea and how kind of them.

Angela said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

So are we all invited to the party ;-) (joking!)

Anonymous said...

You are a superstar! I have just e mailed them about goody bags for our wedding next March :-) V. exciting!